CRC 1118 Biorepository

Projekt S02

As a core unit of the CRC 1118, the biorepository ensures the archiving of the limited diabetes-associated samples in consistently high quality and guarantees a project-specific utilization of the samples.

Tissue samples

are archived and processed at the CRC 1118 Tissue Bank, which is an intrinsic element of the tissue bank of the National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT).

The tissue bank of the NCT has implemented a structured quality management system according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17020 and has been accredited to this standard since 2009. To answer scientific questions, the CRC 1118 Tissue Bank compiles project-specific collectives, mainly consisting of human kidney and nerve material. The tissue is pathologically-anatomically diagnosed by a specialist in pathology, so that the researchers are informed about disease-related morphological changes in the tissues.

The technology and method platform of the Tissue Bank enables standardized derivatization (especially preparation of sections) and extraction (mainly nucleic acids) from human biomaterials. Immunohistochemical stainings (IHCs) and special stainings, e.g. Trichrome staining and PAS-staining, can be performed. To facilitate a computer-based evaluation, stained derivatives can be scanned and digitalized by means of virtual microscopy (VM) using the Hamamatsu nanozoomer.

Diabetes-specific human tissue microarrays (TMAs) have been designed especially for the CRC, allowing a high-throughput examination of FFPE tissue. Currently, TMAs with diabetic kidneys and nerves are available.

In addition to the human TMAs, several TMAs from various experimental diabetes models such asSTZ-induced mice, db/db mice and Ins2Akita mice have been created in collaboration with A04 and C03. The TMAs can be used by all members of the CRC.

Liquid samples

are processed, stored and managed at the Department of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Clinical Chemistry.

Whole blood, white and red blood cells, serum, plasma and urine are collected from diabetics, prediabetics and healthy controls and stored at -80 °C.

Watch the following video for a better insight into the work of the CRC 1118 Tissue Bank: (bottom of this site)


Request forms for tissue samples or services

Note the desired tissue samples or services of the technology platform on the request form. Multiple selections are possible.

Complete the request form on a computer, sign it and send it to Dr. Nadine Volk (contact details on the right).

Please add a short project description to your request form. If you have questions about tissue availability and processing, we will be pleased to advise you personally. Currently, there is no request form for the liquid samples of the CRC 1118 Liquidbank. If you are interested in this material, please contact us directly.

Please note that the diabetes-associated biomaterials are primarily available to members of the CRC 1118. However, in cooperation, the biomaterial can be provided to external research projects. 



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Prof. Dr. med. Esther Herpel
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